Youth Business Leadership Seminar  

Students work on a small business plan with the objective of presenting their plan and discussing their experience on the last day of class.


Students will be required to practice networking and soft skills by contacting employers for information about their business as well as connecting with a professional as an email pen pal to practice online networking and professionalism.


Students will also work in small groups to practice soft skills and teamwork, while helping each other develop their projects.


Students will be taught critical thinking and goal setting by use of SMART goals and SWOT analysis.


These skills will be applied to develop their project.


Conflict resolution and appropriate work behavior will also be taught.


Professionals will present and participate in a question-and-answer session with students weekly to share their professional, real-world experiences and model professional behavior.  

Disability Summit

Pittsburgh Youth Leadership Forum


Approximately 100 high school aged students gather to learn networking, leadership and advocacy skills.


Students are taught how to develop and use an "elevator speech" in small groups. Students are also taught how to advocate to their local political representation.


Students then participate in a resource fair with approximately 60 employers, universities/colleges and service providers.


Students practice their newly learned skills in this real-world environment.


Students, then meet in small groups with lawmakers to discuss what is most important to them as young people with disabilities entering adulthood and future voters.  

Reverse Job Fair

The reverse job fair will be specifically for High School students with disabilities.


Students will create a display that exemplifies their skills and abilities.


Staff and volunteers will assist students in creating their display.


The display will consist of an elevator speech list of hobbies, interests, future goals and what makes them a good employee.


Students will have a table presentation format to present to companies walking through the fair.


Students will also get training in advocacy and accommodations.


The event will include a networking lunch with students and employers and a speaker.

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