Who We ​Are

The mission of Pennsylvania Youth Initiative (PYI) is to give today’s transition-aged youth with disabilities the ways and means to achieve their hopes and dreams.


We accomplish this by focusing on three key areas: Confidence, Self-Advocacy, and Employability.


It is our prerogative that all students who participate in our programming gain the confidence to pursue their dreams, the employability skills that make them attractive to employers and colleges and the self-advocacy skills to obtain the accommodation necessary for them to be successful.


Our goal is to offer programs that give youth with disabilities the capacity to integrate into competitive/inclusive employment or post-secondary training and be productive members of the community.  


PYI believes that Ability Creates Opportunity.


Our programming is the most innovative and engaging way to teach those we serve the skills and abilities needed to surpass barriers and achieve gainful employment.

About PA Youth Initiative

As the saying goes “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!"


Pennsylvania Youth Initiative began as a grassroots group of parents and professionals who were looking for ways to fill gaps in services and give youth with disabilities, and their parents, a voice.

PYI is an example of how people and agencies can partner together to make/develop grassroots programming using the principles/ideology of the Maker Movement. “The Maker Movement Manifesto” (Mark Hatch, 2014) has several key principles, such as Make, Share, Give and Learn. By using this model, any dedicated group of people can work towards making positive changes and improvements for themselves and others in their community.     

Our programs address some of the most paramount issues facing youth with disabilities.  Our prerogative is to engage youth in the most exciting and innovative way possible. We create programming that makes youth more prepared for the world of work and life in general.  

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